Alzheimer’s is a stressful disease. Your dad is going to feel irritable and frustrated as his brain function declines. He’s going to struggle to concentrate during conversations and when trying to complete activities. When the stress becomes too much, there are things you can do to help calm him down.

Keep Objects That Divert His Attention in Every Room

When your dad is stressed, you can divert his attention and change the subject. It’s unlikely he’ll remember what was agitating him if you can switch his focus to something else.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by putting a personal item from his past in every room. A framed picture of his wedding day, a picture of his parents, or a vase you made as a child can divert his attention to happy memories.

Eliminate Issues That Alarm People With Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s changes how the brain perceives things. This can cause a lot of stress. Walk around the home and try to pick out things that may frighten your dad.

A mirror in a hallway, a rug that ends up looking like a hole in the floor, and a reflection in a window can all cause anxiety. If your dad has mirrors, consider removing them or covering them when the sun goes down. Certain contrasting rugs can look like holes in the flooring and become frightening to walk over. Remove the rugs.

While rugs may look like holes, contrasting tiles may appear to differ in height. Your dad may mistake them for stairs and become confused. Depth perception changes mess with the appearance of stairs and make them hazardous. Placing dark rugs at the front of a set of stairs can keep your dad from going near when you’re not there to help.

Create a Sensory Retreat

Create a room where your dad can escape from stress. A calming wall color, aromatherapy, and soothing music can help him calm down. Fill the room with different textures. People with Alzheimer’s like to touch things. A soft pillow with a furry blanket can help him ease tension.

Make sure you’re not trying to do everything by yourself. Your dad’s stress is going to affect you. As hard as it can be to bring in someone else to care for your dad, you need the help. Hire an elder care professional to ensure you get to take breaks. Learn more about respites by calling an elder care agency today.

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