Aging often causes changes in sleep patterns and habits. People who once drifted off to sleep with ease may spend hours staring at the ceiling. Those who slept through the night without fail may start waking up several times a night. If your aging relative is having trouble sleeping, there are things that can help them to sleep better, such as the tips below.

Go to Bed at the Same Time

After retirement, it can be tempting for older adults to loosen up their schedules by getting up or going to bed whenever they feel like it, which can mean the time varies from one day to the next. However, experts say that getting up and going to bed at the same time each day can improve sleep. Sticking to a schedule signals the body when it is time to sleep, making it easier to fall asleep.

Senior care providers can assist with keeping your aging relative on a schedule by coming to help them get up at the same time each morning, assisting with dressing, making breakfast, and getting ready for the day. A senior care provider can also come in the evening to help the older adult get ready for bed.

Try a Warm Bath

A warm bath can cause older adults to feel sleepy. Not only is the warm water relaxing, but the lowering of body temperature when the senior gets out of the bath can cause them to feel tired.

Getting in and out of a bathtub can be difficult and dangerous for older adults. Senior care providers can help them to get in and out of the bath without falling.

Avoid Backlit Devices Near Bedtime

Spending time on the computer, using a smartphone, or reading on a tablet can interfere with sleep. The artificial light affects the bodys ability to produce melatonin, a substance that promotes sleep. Instead of doing activities that require a screen, seniors should do things like reading a book or listening to music.

Senior care providers can encourage the older adult to switch to relaxing, screen-free, activities. If the older adult enjoys reading but has trouble because of poor vision, a senior care provider can read to them.

Avoid Fluids at Night

If the older adult has trouble with waking up frequently to use the bathroom, limiting fluids a few hours before bed can make a difference. However, since its important that seniors get enough liquids to prevent dehydration, make certain they drink enough during the day.

Senior care providers can prepare drinks throughout the day, so that the older adult drinks enough, but remind them not to drink more than absolutely necessary in the evening hours.

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