Welcome to the CareBuilders at Home Blog, the portion of our sight devoted to providing insights and inspiration to help seniors live a healthy, vibrant life.


I started CareBuilders at Home in 2014, and my passion for helping seniors was a learned behavior. As I was growing up, my mother was the caretaker to the older generation. We hosted dinners for grandparents, great aunts and uncles, and aging neighbors and friends for all the holidays, as well as many Sunday dinners. I learned the importance caring and companionship plays in enriching the lives of older adults, and I learned to appreciate the wisdom seniors can impart (I can’t tell you how many times I heard my great uncle Walter, who was an early riser himself, say “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”).

Out of my upbringing flowed a love and respect for seniors, and a passion to help them enjoy life…on their own terms.

CareBuilders at Home

When deciding to enter the home care field, I chose CareBuilders at Home for several reasons. I wanted to build a company that provides quality Minnesota home care…consistently. This mission sounds good, but takes a lot of work behind the scenes to make it happen.

CareBuilders at Home, and their parent company, ATC Healthcare, have the experience and infrastructure to provide critical support for our business. They have been providing excellent care for 30 years, both in facilities and in homes.

All our caregivers are full W2 employees and, as such, receive a competitive benefits package. Additionally, CareBuilders at Home also provides all the administrative support for our business, including payroll, billing, and guidance with interpreting and complying with State and Federal regulations. All this gives us the ability to focus on quality of care, the hallmark of our business.

Another critical component is consistency of care. Toward that end, I own the territory for all 87 counties in Minnesota. This insures that clients receive consistent care throughout the Twin Cities and, as we expand, across Minnesota.

We’re based in Eden Prairie, and cover the entire Twin Cities Metro Area. We provide companion home care, personal care, all the way to 24 hour live in care.

Our Blog

As I mentioned above, the goal of our Blog is to provide insights and inspiration to help seniors live a healthy, vibrant life. We will accomplish this by providing educational posts on a variety of topics of interest to seniors and their families. Additionally, we will highlight stories that are encouraging and inspirational. In the end, we hope to inspire seniors to keep dreaming, keep setting goals, and to live life to the full.