If your aging parent has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer, something you may have heard was the doctor defining it by a certain stage. As a family caregiver, understanding what the various stages means can help you to better understand what your parent is truly facing, their prognosis, and the type of care and treatment they might require. Educating yourself as much as possible about what your parent is facing is a vital step toward being the best caregiver you can be for them throughout this time.

Use this guide to help you understand the meaning of the stages of lung cancer:

  • Stage One. At this stage, the cancer is localized. That is, it has not spread to areas of the body other than the lungs
  • Stage Two. At this stage, the cancer has spread slightly. It is located in the lungs, but also in the surrounding lymph nodes
  • Stage Three. Referred to as ‘locally advanced’, this stage involves cancer in the lungs and the lymph nodes in the center of the chest. This is further divided into two types depending on the side of the chest of the lymph nodes involved in the spreading
  • Stage Four. Referred to as ‘advanced’, this is the furthest progressed form of the disease. At this point, the cancer has spread to both lungs, as well as to the fluid surrounding the lungs. It may also have spread to another part of the body, such as the liver or other organs

There is a common misconception that senior care is designed only for elderly adults with extensive difficulties, or who are unable to do anything on their own. This is not the case. In fact, a senior home care provider can be a fantastic way to support health, well-being, and quality of life even for aging adults who are only dealing with some mild to moderate concerns. These highly personalized services are designed specifically with your aging parent as an individual in mind. This means your parent’s personality, preferences, and goals are all considered so these care efforts are as effective and meaningful as possible. As a family caregiver you can feel confident knowing your parent is going to have all of the support and care they need to manage their concerns, pursue more independence and better health, and have the lifestyle they desire and deserve as they age in place.

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