Your mom is devoted to her dog. He’s her loyal companion, but she’s becoming very forgetful. She forgets to feed her dog some days and overfeeds him others. She can’t remember when she last took him to the vet. His nails are getting way too long. She’s letting him roam the neighborhood because she can’t remember there are leash laws.

When a dog’s safety is affected by your mom’s health issues, it’s tough. On the one hand, you don’t want to take away her companion. On the other hand, you don’t want that dog to get injured, lost, or impounded for attacking another person. Before you make a rushed decision, try these suggestions.

Can Your Mom Complete a Daily Checklist?

You might be able to set up a checklist on a dry erase board for your mom to go through each day. When she’s completed a task, she checks it off. For tasks, put things like feed dog in the morning, feed the dog at night, change the dog’s water, and walk the dog. At the end of the day, she erases her checks and repeats the process when she wakes up.

If your mom is able to care for her dog using a checklist, keeping her dog becomes an option. You may still need to arrange to have a groomer come to your mom’s home once a month to give the dog a bath and trim nails. Ask your mom’s veterinarian if they will email or mail you appointment reminders.

Hire a Dog Walker

Many towns and cities have people who will come to your home to walk your pet. A dog walker can make sure your mom’s dog gets the proper amount of exercise. Some dog walkers will also feed the pet before leaving. When you call to arrange an interview, you can find out what services are offered.

Look Into a Robotic Pet

Therapeutic robotic pets are gaining popularity. For people with dementia, these robotic pets provide comfort and companionship by acting like a real animal, but there’s no worry about caring for a live pet. Hasbro makes a line of robotic companion animals that cost approximately $100 to $150. Your mom may be better off with one of these pets if she’s struggling to care for her dog.

Hire a Caregiver

If your mom needs reminders, a home care specialist can help. With a caregiver around each day to remind your mom to feed her dog, trim his nails, or take him for a walk, there’s no need to take him from her home. Learn more about home care by calling an agency now.

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