Elder Care in Maple Grove MNKeeping your loved one’s surroundings safe and comfortable doesn’t have to be complicated. There are a few smaller things that you can do that help her to take care of herself more effectively and also improve her external environment.

Keep Your Loved One’ s Surroundings Cheerful

Keeping your elderly loved one’s immediate surroundings cheerful can do a lot toward improving her overall mood. Let natural light in whenever possible, choose colorful decorations, and try keeping fresh flowers and plants around. Talk to your elderly loved one about what can help her to feel more cheerful at home.

Provide Adequate Lighting for Your Loved One

Your elderly loved one may need a little more lighting than you do in order to see properly. Depending on her eye health, your loved one may need special lighting. Talk to her eye doctor and determine what types of lighting would be best for your loved one’s different daily activities.

Give Her Easy Access to Temperature Controls

As your elderly loved one grows older, she’s likely to be more sensitive to temperature changes in her environment. Giving your loved one easier access to temperature controls can help her to maintain her body temperature more effectively. One way to do this is with thermostats that are able to use an app on a smartphone in order to control them. That way your loved one can control the thermostat without even having to get up.

Provide Some Extra Blankets or Throws

Extra blankets or throws in a variety of weights can also be helpful for your loved one. They’re easy to pull on or to take off when she warms up. Keeping a variety of heavier and lighter throws can help your loved one to keep herself only as warm as she really needs to be without accidentally overheating. As an added benefit, colorful throws and blankets can add that touch of cheer that you’re looking to add to your loved one’s home.

Talk to your loved one’s elder care providers about other ways you can make your loved one’s home more inviting for her.

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