Elderly Care in Burnsville MN

Elderly Care in Burnsville MNAs a family caregiver it is your responsibility to help your aging parent live the highest quality of life possible. While this does mean helping them to address their physical challenges and limitations, and give them support and reminders to keep them compliant with their care recommendations, it also means taking steps to ensure that their environment is primed to give them this quality of life.

September is Mold Awareness Month. This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about the prevalence and risk of mold so that you can make changes in your parent’s home to help protect them from this potentially dangerous growth.

Some things that you should know about mold include:

• Mold is a form of fungus that can grow and thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments

• There are estimates that the number of distinct types of mold that exist range from the tens of thousands up to three hundred thousand or more

• Mold grows best in damp, dark, warm environments, but can grow in less ideal conditions as well

• Mold spreads through spores that become airborne and relocate. These spores can survive even less than ideal situations such as dry or cold conditions

• Many people experience health complications when exposed to mold and mold spores. Common reactions include fever, respiratory irritation, wheezing, watery eyes, headache, and fatigue. Extensive mold infestations inside a home can be toxic and cause very severe health concerns, particularly among elderly adults who have less effective immune systems than younger people.

If you suspect that your elderly parent’s home might have mold that is contributing to their health concerns, contact a professional mold remediation service in their area to do a thorough inspection. They will let you know what type of mold is in the home, if any, and make recommendations for how you can remove and manage this mold for improved health conditions for your senior.

One of the best decisions that you can make to help your aging loved one live the highest quality of life possible as they age in place. An elderly home care services provider can give your aging parent a personalized approach to care and support designed to address your loved one’s individual needs, challenges, and limitations in a way that is right for them. This helps them to have a lifestyle that is healthy, happy, comfortable, and safe, while also maintaining as much independence, activity, and involvement as possible as they age in place.

When it comes to being aware of and avoiding the risks associated with mold, the care provider can be a valuable source of information for you. This care provider can let you know if they notice any mold issues throughout the home in the course of their normal care efforts, and alert you to any changes in your parent’s health and well-being that might indicate that they are suffering from the effects of mold. This means that you are able to make decisions about your parent’s care, treatment, and management a soon as possible.


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