Senior Care in Woodbury MNMany family caregivers decide against a chair lift for their elderly loved one primarily because of the cost and the fact that it might change the home in some way. The reality is that there is a lot that a chair lift can do for your elderly loved one and for you.

Your Loved One’s Home Doesn’t Accommodate Moving Her to One Floor

Some homes just aren’t set up to be able to accommodate moving your elderly loved one to a bedroom on the first floor. Perhaps there’s no bedroom space that you could convert or there’s only a powder room on the first floor. Regardless of the reason, the floor plan may simply be too awkward to move your loved one to one floor. With a chair lift, on the other hand, your loved one can safely ascend and descend the stairs any time that she wants to do so.

Your Loved One Can Maintain Some Independence

Along with the convenience that the chair lift provides, there’s the independence aspect. In the past, your loved one might have had to wait for you or for her senior care providers to be able to help her up or down the stairs. With a chair lift, however, she’s able to operate it herself and do what she needs or wants to do, when she wants to. That’s a huge self-esteem boost for your loved one, too.

You’ll Feel Less Stressed about Your Loved One Being in Her Home

Because your loved one is able to maintain some mobility and some independence, some of the stress about her going up and down the stairs is taken out of the equation for you. If you’ve been finding it physically difficult to help her, that burden is also off of you. The chair lift allows your loved one to be able to continue to live in her home without you having to worry as much as you might have without the lift.

If your elderly loved one is worried about using her chair lift, make sure that she understands how it operates before she’s left on her own with it. Practicing with it can help to make her much more comfortable.

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